About us

Welcome to Kariton Manufacturing Ltd. One of China's leading suppliers of unique Photo frames, Vase , Candle holders, Mirrors and Home Decorative Accessories.

Kariton Manufacturing Ltd was established in 2006. Since then we have been supplying the photo frames, gift and home ware industry and also garden decorations.

Kariton Manufacturing Ltd has been created for those people who are passionate about creating a home filled with unique designs and inspirations. At Kariton Manufacturing Ltd we are constantly searching for new and different pieces from around the world. Our collections and individual pieces are carefully selected to reflect the classic styles of today's living. We pride ourselves in providing our valued customers a commitment to developin g a long term relationship and the most competitive prices. 

OUR SERVICES The colours of the products displayed on the web site can be altered to suit your tastes, if you require a certain product to be a certain colour then it can be arranged at an extra cost (to cover materials) this way we are all happy.

Where there is a will there is a way! If you have any designs in mind then send us your designs and we can create those designs from our carpenters over seas and send you a quote. 

 All the products in this website are our exlusive designs for different customers. We can also offer our designs for your other request to make your home beautiful.

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